AMA Quiz: Do You Know How to Network?

July 8, 2013

how to network

Knowing how to network just might be the most important skill in business. Networking isn’t just for people looking for a new job; you should be networking all the time. Consider every conversation as an opportunity to build a relationship. Find out how your networking skills add up with this free, nine-question quiz.

Find out if you know how to network…
1. When meeting new people I focus on their problems, not mine.


Question 1 of 9

2. At networking events, I know how to comfortably begin and end conversations.


Question 2 of 9

3. I am comfortable talking about myself and my company, and describe what I do in a few sentences.


Question 3 of 9

4. I follow up with people I’ve met at events and keep in contact with them.


Question 4 of 9

5. I keep my list of contacts up to date and organized into groups (for example, by profession, skills, or company).


Question 5 of 9

6. When talking to others I try to think of whether I know someone they’d like to meet, and then I offer to introduce them to each other.


Question 6 of 9

7. I make it a point to go to several networking events a year, and I periodically review new groups to see if I should join.


Question 7 of 9

8. I actively network both in person and online.


Question 8 of 9

9. I arrive early at events and volunteer to help out.


Question 9 of 9


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    […] AMA Quiz: Do You Know How to Network? […]

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    […] AMA Quiz: Do You Know How to Network? […]

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    […] AMA Quiz: Do You Know How to Network? […]

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