How to Use Voicemail to Increase Lead Generation

March 16, 2015

use voicemail to increase follow ups

Following-up with prospects can be a long and tiring process. We have come up with a few helpful guidelines that will not only reduce the monotony, but can actually increase the impact of your outreach and lead to more positive lead generation results.

Establish a Strong Foundation

Clarity is a vital aspect of voicemail that relates to both speech and content. One of the best ways to start a voicemail is by explaining who you are and why you are calling. You also want to ensure that the prospective lead understands why they should choose to work with your company. An appropriate and results-oriented way to do this is by clarifying your unique value proposition that reveals how working with your company is a smart decision.

Exude Confidence

You want your prospects to trust your company and have a positive view of what you have to offer, so it is important to sound confident in your voicemail. Using a professional tone will help the prospective lead believe your message. It will also make the little details like dates and times more memorable. Overall, you will be distinguishing your message from a sea of others by holding their attention and encouraging them to return your call.

Don’t Waste Their Time

Your prospective leads may have to listen to several voicemails each day. In order to share your message without sounding repetitive, it is important to establish a definitive timeframe. Thirty seconds is a great baseline that can allow you to relate the most important information with a personal touch. Once you have created a thorough script, you can look into voicemail automation to ensure that your messages are consistent and concise every time.

Make It Easy

The desired outcome of your voicemail and follow-up efforts is connecting with a great, qualified lead. Don’t sacrifice this opportunity by forgetting to mention your contact information. Even though you are working with a relatively short timeframe, it is important to repeat things like your name, company, and phone number at the beginning and end of the message. Avoid being one of the many unreturned calls by being strategic with your message content.

Analyze and Improve

Looking back at the amount of unreturned calls, which strategies worked the best, or which employees had the highest conversion rates can help you optimize your voicemail messages. The data you have on-hand can provide these facts and figures and more, so it is important to do some analysis to figure out what needs improvements. In the end, you will know that you are incorporating the most successful and strategic steps that will increase follow-up rates.

Utilize Pre-Recording

Pre-recording is a great way to ensure that your voicemails are always the best they can possibly be. Not only can pre-recording guarantee consistency, but you can maintain that consistency across a diverse set of prospective leads. You can pre-record several unique voicemails that incorporate all of the tactics mentioned above. There are also tools and integrative services available to assist with the process and boost your company’s sales.

It is vital to consider how you can best utilize voicemail in your follow-up strategy. Looking at these steps and determining how you can implement them in a way that will correlate with increased follow-up will make a huge impact on the lead generation process overall.

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