Keeping Employees Happy: Tips To Retain Your Best Talent

September 27, 2016

keeping employees happy

Keeping employees happy isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary in a competitive hiring environment. If you don’t do what it takes to retain your best people, someone else will snap them up in a heartbeat.

Watch here as Frank Sorrentino, CEO of ConnectOne Bank, offers a few pointers on how to make sure your employees want to work for you—and the biggest factor is not what you think. (Originally shared on

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    […] It’s nearly review season, and thousands of companies are going through the annual grind of filling out evaluations, budgeting for salaries, and figuring out how to keep their best people happy and engaged at work. While the focus is often on raises and bonuses, there’s a lot more than money to retaining top talent. […]

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    […] as “job description” or “performance evaluation.” But the profound nature of human beings—their integrity, their emotions, their aspirations—are absent in those frameworks. Everything that has to do with managing people is put under a big […]

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