Evil, Manipulative Co-Workers? Fight Back!

July 26, 2016

manipulative co-workers

How many of us have been mistreated and used by our colleagues like a bad ex? The real psychos lurking in the office can be tough to read at first. But over time, they show their true colors, and your work atmosphere immediately turns toxic. There are cocky people in every industry and workplace across the globe, that’s just part of life. But does that mean you have to endure name calling and other forms of abuse? Where do you draw the line? Whether working for a narcissistic boss or stuck with manipulative co-workers, no one should be subjected to this awful behavior.

Read on to take the power back into your own hands, and prevent these people from sabotaging your work life. (Originally shared on


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We all have them, so share your workplace horror stories by venting in the comments section below!

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