Work Smarter, Not Longer: Why Marissa Mayer Sets A Bad Example

August 15, 2016

working long hours

How many hours do you spend at work? So many of us are already working long hours, often without taking breaks. That’s why Marissa Mayer’s idea of a 130-hour workweek should scare us to death.

Our jobs already follow us everywhere: Emails flood our inboxes, clients call us after hours, and sometimes we get stumped on projects that linger in our brain for days. Stressing over work on a constant basis can lead to a multitude of health issues that directly impact your productivity. But how can we be successful without constantly working long hours? We can start by working smarter, taking breaks, choosing when we work, and leading a team more effectively to produce better results in the long run.

If you’re looking to achieve a better work-life balance, find out why Marissa Mayer’s 130-Hour Workweek Idea Is Completely, Totally Wrong.

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