Marketing Your Personal Brand

January 3, 2014

marketing your personal brand

Now that we’ve positioned our brand, it’s time to take it to the marketplace.  It’s time to live it, both personally and professionally.  It’s time to bring your brand to work, to a new job interview, a first date, a ten-year anniversary, or to any milestone moment where you need to be an active participant. It’s important to remember that you are on display throughout all aspects of your life, all day long.  This shouldn’t intimidate you; it should excite you.  There’s nothing to be nervous about when you are well positioned and you know what you want to accomplish.

Going to Market

If you think about how a marketing your personal brand strategy it seems easy:  they simply find some shelf space, right?  Not so fast … a lot of thought has gone into how consumers will perceive that brand for the first time and if the brand will be able to make a lasting impression … and if customers will bring it home and into their lives.

The same could be said for marketing your personal brand as you go to market … will others choose to have you in their lives, be it a boss, partner, coworker, or friend?There’s an old saying about first impressions:  you never get the chance to do one over.  That is so true, and never more true than today.  In most situations, first impressions have already happened before you ever meet in real time, either from your reputation or from your social media activity.

Social media has become a display window for our personal brands.  Something as simple as a profile picture creates a first impression and then every post you write either reinforces or detracts from it. Remember to use the positioning statement you’ve created to help make all the decisions about your personal brand … from using the right picture to how to respond to negative commentary.

It’s important to realize that people are picking and sorting you and your brand at every interaction they have with you.  I know it sounds cold, but it’s true.  You probably do it too.  As long as you have your brand well positioned, then you don’t have anything to worry about as you face life’s ups, downs, and turns.  With your brand positioning as your guide, you will manage them all very well.  Or as we say in marketing, very “strategically!”

Remember that every interaction makes up the totality of your brand.  Consistency is key to making sure that your life takes shape in the manner you want, on your terms, and toward your goals.

When you are consistent and true to your personal brand positioning, then you are likely to be in the market for a very long time, whatever market you choose.None of this is meant to be manipulative.  I’m merely trying to inspire you to think about the totality of your life, and to consciously use your personal brand as you go to market … be it in a personal relationship, a career move, guiding your children, or even how you dress.

Your behavior and how you dress have a huge impact on how others perceive your personal brand and your capabilities.  Choose wisely and appropriately at each interaction, for a continual build of a positive reputation.  Your reputation will precede you for a lasting first impression about correctly marketing your personal brand. That’s because at the end of the day a well-positioned brand will be very successful in the marketplace by marketing your brand and when consistently applied it will last for the long haul.

Love Your Brand!

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