Memorial Day Is Not a Sale

May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Despite what all the ads tell you, Memorial Day is not a sale. It’s a day of remembrance. It’s a day to honor the men and women who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Take a moment today to think about the sacrifices that Veterans make every day.

Traditionally Memorial day is celebrated by visiting cemetaries and decorating using patriotic colors. But there’s something businesses can do to honor those who have died in service: Help take care of those who survived.

Celebrate Memorial Day Thoughtfully

Think about what you can do to help both Veterans and their families on Memorial Day and every day. Veterans are an incredible source of talent. They are educated, experienced, and reliable. In addition, they are disciplined and loyal; they are field-tested. Veterans need our support when they return from service. They may have physical injuries, or they may have Post-traumatic stress disorder. They may suffer from depression, or they may just be trying to adapt back to “normal life” at home. At the very least, they will suffer from a kind of culture shock reintegrating into civilian society. If you have Veterans working for you, check in with them. If you don’t, consider hiring one.


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Christina Parisi is Director of Digital Content at the American Management Association. Previously she was an Executive Editor at AMACOM Books and the Director of AMA Self-Studies.

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