3 Signs You Need to Show More Support When Presenting Ideas

April 23, 2013

presenting an idea to the team

Presenting ideas ideas to the team is a key skill for team leaders. You shouldn’t voice an opinion until your team has had a chance to express their point of view. Otherwise you can limit conversation and valuable feedback from team members. A big exception to that is when you are unrolling a strategic initiative. How do you know whether you should speak up? Here are three tips for determining whether to frame a new new initiative or show your support when presenting an idea:

1.      It’s Important. If the idea will affect the entire team or the organization, it is important enough to frame. This includes new product or service launches or a new approach to serving customers or working with vendors. Typically these initiatives come from the top, and it’s up to you to get behind them as a means of showing alignment.

2.      Impact. This initiative will change the way you do things. Included would be a reorganization that alters workplace dynamics. People may report to new bosses as well as do new jobs. Everyone needs to support such an initiative and that starts with the team leader.

3.      Alignment. The initiative or new idea is fundamental to the culture and reinforces the vision, values, and mission. As a team leader, you need to show you support it.

When presenting ideas for the first time, leaders generally should listen before stating an opinion. So if you’re not sure wait a beat or two to give others the chance to express any reservations they have. Letting everyone speak demonstrates that you value their input, not that you’re managing by consensus.

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