Are You Putting Your Corporate Values Into Practice?

January 11, 2017

Living your corporate values

A manager must demonstrate to employees that he or she is living up to the values defined by the department and organization. Whatever those values may be—integrity, collaboration, learning, and more—your words and actions need to support them.

As a leader who’s responsible for setting and achieving team goals, you wouldn’t ask employees to pursue those goals if they didn’t see you doing your fair share. In the same way, you can’t expect employees to support the values being promulgated at work if they don’t see you doing so as well.

Depending on the values your department and company have identified, ask yourself questions such as the following:

  • Do I treat my internal customers with the same respect that I treat external customers?
  • Do I show employees that risk taking and creative thinking are appreciated?
  • What about risks that fail? Do I truly behave as if I believe that mistakes are learning experiences?
  • In what ways do I reinforce our values, in both words and actions?
  • How do I support our company’s focus on quality?
  • How do I demonstrate my support of empowerment?
  • Do I truly understand and practice teamwork?

This self-check can help ensure you’re living the values your organization asks all employees to embody in their work.


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    This is a great read.

    From my observation, it’s interesting that many businesses don’t have a set of Corporate Values. Almost all organizations are familiar with creating their Mission & Vision statements but ignore the Values part of Corporate Strategy creation process.

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