Rescue the Sale with 8 Comebacks to “We’ve decided to go with another company”

March 4, 2013

Overcoming objections is part of sales. Just when you think you’ve made the sale, the customer responds with “We’ve decided to go with someone else.” Don’t give up. Overcome this common response with these eight comebacks designed to overcome their underlying objection:

  1.  May I ask why? What changed your mind?
  2. Who did you decide to go with? [Wait for an answer.] They are a good company, but, of course, we feel we are better because [your company’s benefit]. I’m sure that there is still time to change your mind, isn’t there?
  3.  What caused you to make that decision? Obviously, I failed to get my message across. Could you share with me where I went wrong?
  4. Are you no longer concerned with [improving productivity/enhancing morale/increasing profits. Remind the prospect of worthy objectives. Create pain.]?
  5. Today or ever? “Today” I can reluctantly accept. “Forever” leaves me very disturbed. It was my impression that helping your company effectively prepare for the future was a top priority, and I am fully committed to helping you accomplish that. What is keeping that from happening?
  6.  [Mr./Ms. Prospect], I see you feel quite strongly about this, so there must be a reason for your feeling as you do. I’d appreciate it if you’d share that reason with me.
  7. It is with your feedback that we can continually improve. What did you prefer about [competition company’s product/service]?
  8. If we were to bid for your business again, where would you suggest we focus improvement efforts?

Only by knowing what the customer’s objections are can you overcome them. Armed with these questions you can gently, but firmly recover the sale.

Adapted by Christina Parisi with permission from Sales Scripts That Sell by Michael Gamble and Teri Gamble.

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