5 New Year’s Resolutions for CEOs to Succeed in 2016

January 26, 2016

AS we move into 2016, the rate of change and disruption in the global marketplace are at an all time high. Shifting demographics, evolving technologies, converging global marketplaces, and changing governmental interactions are making transformation—of individuals and companies—an imperative for success in the future.

So I’ve put together 5 resolutions that I think all CEOs should make in 2016 in order to align themselves and their organizations with this transformation imperative.

  1. I will understand and embrace that the most important job I have as the CEO is to create, lead, and sustain a positive culture that supports our organization’s operating imperatives. I understand that getting culture “right” is the hardest work that a CEO can do. I also understand that the hardest work also yields by far the greatest reward for all. I understand that if our culture is “right,” our operating results will also be “right,” because employees who are more satisfied and engaged with their work will do more for our organization.
  2. I will understand and embrace that, in order to succeed in 2016, our organization must adopt a culture of continuous transformation. I understand that the dynamic changes in our markets, technology, demographics, and governmental regulations will only continue to intensify and that adaptation and transformation are no longer optional if we are to survive.
  3. I will understand and embrace that, as a leader, I must prepare my people and team for continuous disruption. I understand that I must lead by example and demonstrate that the only way to handle the disruptive forces in the economy, markets, customers, technology, and government, is to be disruptive. The antidote to disruption is disruption. I must be a leader who instills a culture in which people believe that positive transformation ignites when the “ideology of comfort” is seen as more painful than the “ideology of different.” I also understand that readiness to transform is a by-product of the health and vibrancy of our current culture. A strong and vibrant culture leads to stronger readiness to transform.
  4. I will, therefore, embark on measuring the strength and vibrancy of our culture. I will lead the effort to address gaps and weaknesses in our culture quickly, decisively, and positively to ensure we are poised and ready to disrupt and transform ourselves in support of our operating imperatives. I will commit to measuring and re-measuring culture so we are always poised to transform.
  5. I will understand and embrace that culture and culture transformation is a marathon. I understand that it will take 2-3 years minimum to transform and optimize our culture so we can achieve and sustain our competitive advantage and success as an organization.

I believe that CEOs who resolve to live, lead, and execute these 5 elements of culture and transformation will stand out within their organizations and industries in 2016. They’ll be the ones leading the way in the new business world we’re all living in. So here’s to your success in 2016 and beyond.

Happy New Year!


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John Mattone is an authority on leadership, talent, and culture. An acclaimed speaker and executive coach, he advises Fortune 1000 senior leaders on how to create cultures that drive superior operating results. He is the author of seven books including CULTURAL TRANSFORMATIONS, Talent Leadership, and Intelligent Leadership. Mattone is the creator of numerous business assessments, including the Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory.

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