The Top 10 Reasons Zombies Make Better Managers

October 31, 2014

Zombies make better managers

10. Zombie managers are always looking ahead. Seriously, they couldn’t look backwards if they wanted to.

9. They have mastered the crucial art of finger-pointing.

8. They are cold-blooded negotiators. Well, non-blooded negotiators.

7. They are single-mindedly focused on the end goal. (Nothing, absolutely nothing, distracts them.)

6. Their resiliency is renowned. They may get knocked down, but they always get back up. Always.

5. They don’t need their own corner office; they prefer to manage by walking around.

4. Since they have already passed through the portals of death, absolutely nothing fazes them. (Except performance reviews…)

3. They can really get people moving, even if it is to the soundtrack of Thriller.

2. They are willing to take risks, because they are not afraid of getting the ax.

1. They are only interested in the best brains.

Happy Halloween!

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About The Author

Cecil Amazombie is the Chief Undead Officer and founder of the American Zombie Association (AZA). He has been an advocate of the revolutionary No Human Left Behind recruitment style since its inception in 2012. With his 2010 cult hit The Hunt for Success: A Study of the Human Brain, Amazombie became a bestselling author. He began his studies as a neurologist, and graduated with degrees in Mob Theory and Crowd Psychology. He received his MBA in Humans as a Resource Management from Monster University. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with his undead bride and two zombie children.

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