Top Tips for Keeping Resolutions

January 8, 2015

Around the holiday season, people all over the world begin making promises to themselves, their friends, coworkers, and family. They are called “resolutions.” Making a resolution is a proclamation that you will change your behavior in some way, likely to improve your own or someone else’s life. While declaring your intentions is the easy part, where many (myself included) often fall short is actually keeping resolutions. Here at AMA, we want to help you with keeping resolutions, whether they are for the new year or for any length of time. This article is a compilation of resources that can help you keep your resolutions and accomplish your personal and professional goals.

Making and Keeping Resolutions

Whether your goal is to lose weight, quit smoking, spend more time with your family, or any of the infinite resolution possibilities, everyone faces the same challenge. Changing our behavior is unnatural, but if change is what you want, you need to be diligent and consistent for that new behavior to become the norm. These articles will help you make reasonable, well-defined resolutions that will be easier to follow through on. If you hit a roadblock when trying to make a change, these articles can help you establish, and keep, your resolutions.

Make Your Resolutions Stick!

How to Keep Your Resolutions

8 Ways to Stay on Track With Your Resolutions

Resilience is Key

Now that your resolutions are in place, the next step is really the difficult part: keeping them! This is a continuous process that requires diligence and willpower. Keeping resolutions means you must be committed to your goal and work to ensure that you accomplish what you set out to do. One way to help yourself is by building your resilience. Resilience will help you overcome these challenges and ultimately will give you the confidence you need to achieve these and any other goals you set for yourself in the future. These articles will help teach you how to be resilient, so keeping resolutions becomes second nature.

The 9 Elements of Resiliency

6 Steps to Building Resilience

When Life Gets in the Way

Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot keep all of our resolutions. We forget what we aspire towards, set goals that were too lofty and unattainable, or simply return to our old habits. Simply put, life gets in the way, and sometimes we become too busy to get back on track. So what can you do to make sure that you follow through on these resolutions? These articles will help you pick up where you left off and work to achieve your resolutions, even if your intentions went to the wayside. As the saying goes, better late than never!

4 Ways to Work Around Failing Resolutions

Kicking Bad Habits: Why We Need to Rethink Resolutions

With these resources at your disposal, you are more than prepared to tackle any challenge that stands between you and keeping your resolution. Whether you do it for yourself, your business, or anyone else, keeping resolutions will give you confidence and set a positive precedence in your life.

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