Build Your Business Acumen Through AMA’s Edgewise Podcasts

April 24, 2018

AMA’s Edgewise podcasts

In a business world that moves quickly, managers and team leaders need access to fresh perspectives on a variety of topics. You can find those insights on AMA Edgewise, a weekly podcast program that connects listeners to thought leaders and business experts.

Dave Summers, host of the program, draws out ideas on how to improve business performance, meet the challenges of change, and thrive in today’s environment—with a particular focus on educating new managers, informal leaders, and people who aspire to a management role. He has described Edgewise as the “warm little campfire” that new managers can gather around to build their business knowledge.

Tuning in to business expertise

With a new podcast every Friday, AMA Edgewise features information and ideas on topics such as teamwork, leadership, management, marketing, and technology, among many others. Recent podcasts include the following:

Over the next few months, Edgewise interviews will cover a range of forward-looking ideas, including the agile organization, human-machine collaboration in the age of artificial intelligence, and the use of brands as a force for change.

In addition, you can visit the Edgewise archives to listen to podcasts in your areas of interest. The library includes interviews from the program’s 10-year history.

Sign up for a free subscription to the AMA Edgewise program, and join us every Friday for a new podcast.

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New leaders need crucial foundational skills to make the leap from an individual contributor to a manager who can achieve team success and drive performance.

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