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June 8, 2018

Business and leadership advice

Would you like some advice on making the transition to leadership? Or quick pointers on topics of interest in the business world? American Management Association’s YouTube channel provides these tidbits and more through brief interviews with consultants, authors, and business professionals.

In AMA’s videos, businesspeople offer career-enhancing advice and information in their areas of expertise. The AMA playlists include:

AMA Talks: Brief discussions about hot topics with thought leaders and business professionals.

Sound Advice: Guidance for new and existing managers on developing leadership skills and moving your career forward.

My Favorite Manager: Stories about managers and others who have impacted the lives of business professionals.

Here are a few examples of AMA’s videos:

From the “AMA Talks” playlist:

From the “Sound Advice” playlist:

From the “My Favorite Manager” playlist:

When you’re looking for information or inspiration, visit AMA’s YouTube channel.

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