Need Insights into a Changing Business World? Listen to AMA’s Edgewise Podcasts

June 30, 2017

Business insights

Today’s business leaders need insights and information that will help them to drive results, adapt to change, and thrive in a complex environment. They can turn to AMA’s Edgewise podcast series—a weekly program that provides access to the ideas of recognized thought leaders and business professionals.

Hosted by Dave Summers, the Edgewise series has explored the thinking of business experts for more than a decade. The program, launched in 2007, delivers information in dozens of topical areas. These topics include, among others, competitive advantage, motivation, communication, leadership, strategic planning, technology, innovative thinking, and women in business.

In each weekly podcast, Edgewise seeks out the “nuggets” of perspective that will help listeners—whether they are existing leaders or aspiring managers—succeed in a changing, competitive world.

How can you tune in to these insightful conversations? A new episode of the Edgewise series is available each Friday on AMA’s website and through podcast aggregators such as iTunes, SoundCloud, TuneIn, and others.

You can also explore the Edgewise library, which contains hundreds of podcasts released between 2007 and 2017. In the program’s inaugural year, you’ll find episodes with John C. Maxwell on leadership, Steven M.R. Covey on building and repairing trust, and former New York City mayor Ed Koch on building buzz.

Here are some podcasts from more recent years:

Kristi Hedges on The Inspiration Code
Alex Tapscott on the Blockchain Revolution
Diane Mulcahy on the Gig Economy
Kevin Kelly on Optimism
Jennifer Kahnweiler on the Genius of Opposites
Vijay Govindarajan on the Three Box Solution
John Kotter on Adjusting Your Management Style
Herminia Ibarra on Acting Like a Leader
Scott Adams on a Humorous Workplace
Piyanka Jain on How to Make the Right Decisions

Visit the AMA website to listen to podcasts and subscribe to Edgewise.


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