Tips for Communicating Clearly as a Business Leader

July 12, 2018

Communicating clearly

To serve in a leadership role and manage others, you must adept at communicating clearly and getting your messages across in a variety of situations. You also must ensure that you and the other person are understanding each other’s views and addressing any unresolved issues.

Here are some tips to help you communicate clearly and make the most of your communications:

Prioritize. It’s important to establish priorities not only in your actions as a manager, but also in what you say to others. Make sure you’re emphasizing the messages that are most important.

Present new information. Most people will need new evidence if they’re going to change their minds about an issue. Be sure to share all the information you have.

Be aware of impressions. Take care not to use any facial expressions, gestures, or body language that may be offensive to the listener. Be especially cognizant of your tone of voice.

Show interest in others. Use eye contact to show your interest in the listener.

Clarify the messages. Paraphrase what you’ve said if the other person doesn’t seem to understand.

Clear up misunderstandings. Bring any misunderstandings out in the open before they can become serious problems.

Resolve hanging issues. Don’t let problems related to a communication go unresolved. These problems won’t go away—they will just fester.

Remember that your communication style affects both your business results and your image as a team leader. When you communicate clearly, you can exchange information and ideas with others in a way that supports success.

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