If You Could Ask Richard Branson Anything, What Would You Want to Know?

April 15, 2014

Who Is Richard Branson?

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You probably know Sir Richard Branson as the English business magnate, founder of the Virgin Group. You’ve read about his business ventures, including Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines, and Virgin Galactic–the first space tourism company. Or perhaps you know him for his record-breaking Atlantic crossing, or his trips across the Atlantic and Pacific in a hot-air balloon. Maybe you even follow the tie-loathing thrill seeker on Twitter.

But do you know why Sir Richard named his first company Virgin? Did you know he’s a high-school dropout who is now considered one of the top 10 richest citizens of the U.K.? Did you know that on one of his last days at school, his headmaster, Robert Drayson, told him he would either end up in prison or become a millionaire? Or that he’s known at Virgin as “Dr. Yes”? Did you know he’s an activist who has gone on hunger strike?

AMA is giving you the chance to ask the man who was knighted for his contributions to entrepreneurship a question about his career. Post your business question below in the comments. Sir Richard will pick his favorite 5 questions and answer them in the April 16th Webcast, Becoming a Valued Player: A Toolkit for Personal and Professional Success.

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    I watched my father work himself to death. Because of this, I question how individuals like yourself live a sustainable life? Mentally. Physically. How do you manage the stress and pressures of your work? What would be your advice to business leaders about sustainability and being successful long term?

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    Regarding ‘The Power of Reciprocity’
    You are obviously a master of bridging the big picture with the ability to oversee important details and connections. Can you suggest a model for simplifying a ‘top down’ process where
    individuals/companies can align with others that hold similar vision/long term goals – uniting not-so-obvious partner possibilities that start conversations, provide competitive leverage and help each other now?

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    Sir Richard,
    Sometimes you can learn valuable lessons from the things you do for fun–and when you apply those lessons to your business life, get inspiration you might not have otherwise had. Of all the crazy life adventures you’ve had, which taught you the most valuable lesson that you were then able to translate to one of your business ideas? Thank you!

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    How do you best overcome sincere disappointment or failure to achieve sincere joy and success?

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    If I took everything of monetary value away from you (besides food and a bed) and gave you $1000, what would you do with it?

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    Sir Richard: I know a highly beneficial, low risk, desperately needed, untapped marketing niche! I also planned a public health education program and a health data collection and monitoring system that will be an app used daily, by many. Want to chip in?

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    You are extremely driven and seem to have an unquenchable drive that controls you more than you might control it. What kinds of people do you enjoy working with? Are they similar or dissimilar to you? Does everyone need a big picture mind or do you look for people with niche interests? Some people don’t have a desire to fight their way to the top but still want to change the world for good, what part do they play to you?

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    What professional challenges have you faced due to your learning disability? Likewise, how has your learning disability been your greatest asset?

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    Hi Richard,
    is Virgin Galatic on it’s way to the profit zone or was it a too early bird ? And if it’s generating profit, are you taking stationary space “resorts” into consideration as possible long term strategy.

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    What is the key element(s) to overcome the competition in the market ?

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    What keeps you motivated and why?

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    Of your 400+ companies, which do you feel has the strongest growth potential?

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    What brands do you/Virgin Group take inspiration from in social media? In your eyes, who is doing social ‘right’?

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    What’s the difference between persistence and just being stubbornly in denial?

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    Are there one or two job interview questions you always ask that help you quickly decide if the person is a good fit?

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    How do you know who to put on a team to make sure they are the right people and a good mix?

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    What is the biggest mistake you’ve made and what did you learn from it?

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    Have you ever had a FEAR OF FAILURE? And if yes, how did you overcome it?

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    What are your thoughts on pursuing a liberal arts education and whether a business degree is valuable in today’s business environment?

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    What’s the most important thing you look for when evaluating a new idea or new business?

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