What is M2M Data?

November 1, 2013

what is m2m data

Machine-to-Machine data is likely to increase drastically in the coming years. More and more applications are being equipped with sensors that can monitor and measure many different variables that will create vast amounts of data. M2M data is growing and 71% of companies survey by a ZDNet survey say that M2M is about developing new business opportunities. The same research also showed that currently 29% of those companies surveyed are already using M2M technology or have an M2M project underway. Organizations also have a clear view of what to expect from M2M data: 69% wants to enhance and innovate existing products with M2M data and 48% wants to achieve cost-savings with M2M data. So, many organizations want to move ahead with M2M data, but let’s have a closer look at what exactly M2M data is, what some of the applications are that will drive the growth in data and how certain industries can benefit from it.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) data is data derived from sensors attached to machines/products/devices that collect all kinds of data, from GPS coordinates, temperature data to usage data. M2M data literally is data between two or machines and ultimately between machines and people. First the data is exchanged from a remote machine/product/device to back-end IT Infrastructure. From there it can be analyzed and turned into information to be used by organizations. M2M data, or sensor data, is part of the Internet of Things, or the Industrial Internet and it will drive us into the brontobytes era.

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