Delegating Successfully

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Are you the type of manager who likes to do everything yourself? Or would you rather hand the work off to your team and focus on the bigger picture? Jim McCormick is a proponent of delegation, and offers his advice on how to delegate successfully. Here he offers five steps of delegating, and how to avoid keeping too tight a grip on your team. See how delegation can help your team and your organization, and how to do so effectively.

Delegate Effectively

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Are you empowering your team to achieve their full potential? Do you prefer to take control and do the whole task yourself? As a manager, it is your responsibility to find a balance between doing the work yourself and delegating to your employees. Brian Tracy gives his advice on delegating effectively, so that you can multiply your influence in your business and inspire your people to reach their true potential.

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7 New Competencies for a Competent HR Department

By | Posted May 7, 2014

I will never forget the time I complained to a colleague at a US company that all of our domestic […]

task delegation

What to Delegate – And How

By | Posted Feb 28, 2013 | 2 Comments

Delegating tasks can be a way to grow your employees by giving them stretch projects and training them how to handle them. Differentiate between tasks that can and should be delegated and tasks that require personal handling. It’s just as important as knowing how to delegate.


Task Delegation For Control Freaks

By | Posted Feb 25, 2013 | 1 Comment

Effective delegation is one of the most important tool in the manager’s toolbox. When you first start to manage you might be tempted to do everything yourself to make sure the work is high quality, but this is a mistake. Until you involve others, you won’t succeed as a manager.

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