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man predicting his business using analytics

Predict Where Your Business Is Going

If you can’t predict where your business is going you need to take a look at data analytics. Historically, the only available data analytics, organizations could use to monitor success were descriptive analytics. This information answers the question “what happened in the past with the business?” With the availability of big data we entered the new area of predictive analytics, which focuses on answering the question: “what is probably going to happen in the future?” The real advantage of analytics comes with the final stage of analytics: prescriptive analytics.

financial talent learning finance skills

The 5 Most Valuable Financial Skills to Master

Increasingly, companies are aligning their talent strategies with their business strategies, ensuring that there are people in the talent pipeline […]

leadership development

Leadership Development: 3 Tips for Creating Leadership Presence

Leadership development is often seen as a tricky exercise. There are many aspects of leadership that seem difficult to define […]

inconsistent management

The Impact of Inconsistent Management

All of us have experienced inconsistent management, where we had those days when our words or actions don’t translate the […]


AMA Quiz: Can You Handle These Brainteasers?

By | 14 Comments

Developing analytical skills is very important. While it is part of the learning process in all individuals, some naturally have […]

career woman

20 Things Every Career Woman Must Know

These are 20 things that are essential for the leading career woman to know within operating in their respective career […]

stress causes ignorance

How Stress Causes Ignorance

We all know the effects and ways of how stress causes ignorance. “I’m so stressed, I can’t take it anymore!” […]

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