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leaders as learners

How Leaders Can Become Great Learners

In today’s complex, high-speed world, people must be great learners in order to be great leaders. A great leader sees […]

machine to machine data in smart cars

What Is Machine to Machine Data Used For?

There are many applications that will be capable of generating Petabytes or Exabytes of data, but I would like to […]

project management techniques

5 Project Management Techniques to Avoid Project Failure

By | 2 Comments

Failure is everywhere. Daily brings more headline news of some project that has had huge cost over runs, is missing […]

responsive customer service

7 Ways to Provide More Responsive Customer Service

By | 2 Comments

Customers expect responsive customer service. A 2012 Oracle study found that customers expect responses to Facebook and Twitter inquiries within […]


Do Generational Differences Cross Boundaries?

Generations are often defined culturally, but are there generational difference that cross cultural boundaries? Has the globalization of media created […]

customer service

Establishing Better Customer Service: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Have you ever wondered why you almost always receive the sandwich you ordered at the deli near your office and, […]

trends in branding

The 6 Hottest Trends in Branding

By | 1 Comment

Branding has evolved quite a bit in the past decade or two. Today, successful brands need to understand and align […]

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